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Adam Said Galore are this great band from Greenwood, Perth. I wouldn't know how to exactly describe them, but I once read in a review that they were "Medievil Indie" and that kinda sounds funky so I'll stick with that! So if you're a fan, someone who went to High School with them, or have no idea who the hell they are, take a look around...and ENJOY

Adam Said Galore are
Andrew Ryan - Guitar and lead vocals
Simon Struthers - Bass
Matt Maguire - Drums
Geoff Symons - Guitar

old member: Michael Lake


9th July 2002- Don't blame me for no updates! Blame Adam Said Galore for not emailing me! C'mon fellas! If anyone else knows of any relevant news, email me at Thanks!

5th February 2002- Yay! I fixed the counter and the guestbook. Now I gotta wait til I hear from someone in the band to let me know what's new! Email me guys!

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27th April 2001 - shhhhh!! I know it's been ages since I last updated. But down to business. AN ADAM SAID GALORE NATIONWIDE TOUR!! Bout time! I've posted the dates over ---> there. Some of these gigs are with Something For Kate, the others, well I'm not sure yet. You'll see me at all the Melbourne shows, that's for sure! Give me a few more days and I might put up some new pictures. And hopefully some tour pics in a few weeks.

10th February 2001- Okay, I've updated again. With the announcement of the CD launch gig and the track listing over ---> there. Hope you all can make it there and remember the support ASG and buy the album!

9th January 2001 - Time for an update I believe! I got some more photos from Matt not too long ago, and found a picture on my old hard drive (if anyone has any information about it, email me). Also, the new albums official release date is 5th March 2001

28th December 2000 - New Tour Date: 20th January 2001 18+ gig @ Hyde Park Hotel, Perth - featuring ADAM SAID GALORE, STICKFIGURES, EMMERSON INTERNATIONAL, MCFLY doors open from 8pm - 1am
The new pics are up on the pictures page, along with this site being fully revamped, thanks to
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Adam Said Galore-by Michael Lock

 Back 7 or so years, four friends with no agenda and nothing to lose started this thing that soon came to be know as Adam Said Galore.  Finding themselves the wrong side of liquor and gaming laws allowed them three years to evolve independently before being able to lie convincingly enough to play their first licensed gigs.  Instead of sitting down taking notes they simply let loose their own aberrant tones, one that didnąt much care for the curse of isolation that prevailed or copping some cheap facsimile of a scene or sound with an airmail sticker attached to it, theirs made sense of the disparity of distance that Perth, Western Australia ensures.  Sure they had influences, but when expressed in such fractured time signatures, accented rhythms, intertwining melodies and with such little adherence to standard measures like song length and the utilization of vocals, they had already naturally started to distil the essence of their sound, that strange dynamic. 

Early on it was possible to hear the wilful strains of Pavement, perhaps later a hint of Polvo, and then as the band explored new textures, it wasnąt unusual to hear Monk, Sun Ra, Tortoise and Palace all eddy to the surface within the same set.  This is documented on their 1998 debut release, Domino Comfort, which was recorded in the confines of the abandoned Fremantle Prison and is set for re-release with extra tracks and new artwork on the Redline imprint.  However itąs the imminent release of their long awaited full length recording which Redline are leading with. 

Recorded in just one week at Loop studios in their home town, the band acquired the skills of Chicago based sound engineer Casey Rice who has worked the desk for Tortoise, Liz Phair etc, and flew him in to lend his weight to the recording process.  Working with an array of vintage gear, such as equipment that Pink Floyd recorded Umma Gumma on, and finally mastered in Chicago, the album is set to place Adam Said Galore alongside many of their international contemporaries. 

"Organic, syncopated and entirely addictive, Adam Said Galore stretched their well oiled tentacles into another characteristically tight set exploring dimensions of intensity and restraint."    - X-Press Magazine 2000 

Adam Said Galore have supported amongst others: Palace, Tortoise, Tren Brothers, Trans Am, Bikini Kill, Mogwai, Something For Kate and Bluetile lounge.

since 5th February 2002

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